a pioneering company intelligence tour

cities intelligent-traveler

increase the value of tourism in the territories.

hotels, airlines, commercial spaces, tour operators and other traveler-smart brands

develop our travelers experience expanding the services of our allies with good local complementary tourist force.

local tourism quality plans

more travelers to get tested every good place in a network of local and global points of sale plans.

what we do

Technologies to improve the relationship of travelers with good plans for each city and each territory. Smart places. Good plans. Enjoyers travelers.

a glocal network

  • 2000


    It is a technology company and tourism intelligence services to travelers. More than a decade is in charge of developing for the first tourist card Madrid in collaboration with the Mint and Stamp of Spain, and this is only the first pioneering project of a passion: develop ideas and technologies to improve the relationship of travelers with good plans for each city and each territory.

  • 2013

    Neoturismo Canarias

    Projects developed in the Canary Islands for number of different local and regional authorities and hotel chains, together with the ever-expanding team encouraged us to open our very first branch office, which over the course of the years has become one of the cornerstones of the company.

  • 2013

    Neoturismo América

    Then it came time to cross the Atlantic! The opening of the first Neoturismo branch office in Mexico marked the start of our American adventure…

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technology developers, explorers of good plans, planners ... travelers.

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May 0

Neoturismo y Viajes Reina are selling leisure activities for Renfe Viajes

On April 15, during the celebration of B-Travel International Tourism Fair in Catalonia, Renfe introduced new complementary services from Renfe.com through Renfe Viajes. Neoturismo and Viajes Reina have been chosen to travel with Renfe in this new stage to offer a wide range leisure activities to customers and users of the web renfe.com. This offer entertainment […]

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stand de guerrero
May 0

Neoturismo visited Tianguis Turístico México 2016

Neoturismo visited Tinaguis Turístico México 2016 to present the iNeo Touch at the stand of Guerrero state, one of the most visited and popular Tianguis. Thus, technological innovation comes from the hand of Neoturismo to promote tourism in the Municipality of Acapulco. iNeo Touch offers a variety of activities to enjoy in Acapulco in order to show as one of the top tourist […]

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